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Uncomfortable heritage

To unite or divide?

a documentary by Carlo Magaletti



In the summer of 2020, an iconoclastic anti-racist fury pervades Europe.
Hundreds of monuments, plaques and namesake of personalities with a racist background are demolished, defaced or removed.
Starting from the idea that "a people without memory is a people without a future", with this documentary we will investigate the existing possibilities for recoding "problematic" monuments without creating divisions and without slipping into pernicious nostalgia for the past.

©Carlo Magaletti

Dollars - Witches - Eight working hours


Tyrol of the 400th navel of Europe

a docu-fiction by Carlo Magaletti
tarrochi1 Kopie.png



The dollar, the explosion of the witch hunt phenomenon and the legislation on eight working hours originated in the Tyrol of the 400th, under the government of the controversial Archduke Sigismund of Austria who went down in history as the “Rich in coin”.
Following the dramatic personal vicissitudes of the Archduke, we will retrace the extraordinary circumstances that put the small county of Tyrol at the center of events destined to influence the future of Europe and the world.

©Carlo Magaletti

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